Viewer discretion is advised aims to draw attention to and provoke thought/reflection on the current situation and issue with police brutality and police violence in the United States. The title is a play on the countless graphical content warnings that comes before all graphical and violent video clips, and is meant to bring attention to how we often tend to oversee these graphical warnings when we search for ‘interesting’ and ‘entertaining’ videos to watch.

My project epitomizes the harmful and fatal effects of abusive and oppressive forms of authority. The film itself consists of a series of graphical video clips of police brutality and police shootings, exemplifying the many cases and scenarios where bearers of authority abuse their authority. Most of these clips are from police body cameras or surveillance footage, and present a firsthand view of the chilling deaths of many unarmed civilians who fall victim to the police’s authority. Compiled into a fast-paced sequence, the aim of this film is to provoke critical thought on the unchecked power that authority figures like policemen have.

(I’m serious that viewer discretion is advised, please don’t watch this if you are sensitive to violence)